• Coffee Bar’s Branding
  • Active Merchandising
  • Regular in-Bar activities
  • Intensive trade promotion
  • Vehicles: Cars, Vans, Trucks
  • HQ in Tirana
  • Daily stock monitoring
  • Weekly replenishment delivery from central to regional warehouse
  • Purchasing and ordering from suppliers


  • Organizing, co ordination and control of sale per product categories in the manners of principal standards.
  • Monitoring sale results and taking correction actions if necessary.


  • Existing, at the same time, leader role and member of the team in one person.
  • Employing, education, motivation and retain the sales team.
  • Leading all team members on a best results way.
  • Conducting regular sales meetings.
  • Providing that all team members carry out their responsibilities
  • Obligation for holding on disciplinary procedures regulated by management.

Espresso Services has been dedicated to providing customers with the best specialty coffee equipment, consulting, training, premium products and technical service since 2007. We work in partnership with our clients to optimize their technical efficiency, while meeting the highest standards of safety, environmental protection and quality. We began importing espresso equipment directly from Italy in 2007, distributing specialty products the following year, and in 2009 became the importer of La Cimbali Mazzer, Faema and La Scala,  Italian espresso equipment for Albania.


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BBD offers a wide range of top-quality products to its partners, hotels, restaurants and bars, thereby providing superior partner support and logistics. High-quality equipment, regular maintenance and employee training programs. Read more...


Address: Rr. Fabrika e Qelqit, Kombinat, Tirana, Albania

Tel: +355686033033


Web: www.bbdshpk.com